About Alyel Spray

We are proud to present our product Alyel Spray to you. With this macro program we offer you, Valorant will now be a toy for you.

You know that in the Valorant game, after the first 10 bullets, the bullets go randomly. For this, we have prepared 100% hit rate for the first 10 bullets and a helper macro program for the remaining bullets. Valorant has always prepared a random firing system after the first 10 bullets to prevent recoil macros but the remaining bullets go very little left or right, this is pretty easy to control. With Alyel Spray, you will have a great advantage against your opponents and you will destroy them. Our codes are encrypted with a high quality cipher program, each time you open the program, the signature value changes, each bullet you spray 5 bullet go to different places, our macro programs do not interact with game files and codes, interact directly with your keyboard and mouse. Moreover, Alyel Spray is the first universal no recoil macro program for Valorant in the world.

We are currently providing Vandal, Phantom, Spectre, Stinger, Odin and Bulldog weapons support for you. Following all game updates, regular free macro updates are published.

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Featured Features

Smart Mode

It detects that you have a pistol or knife in your hand and stops the macro. It is activated again when you receive a gun in your hand.


It works seamlessly with Vanguard anti cheat system. We have very high protection technology for you. Just sit back.

Audio Files

If the macro of the weapon is activated, the name of that weapon is read in the background. You can turn off the sound from the volume mixer.


You can assign the desired weapon macro to the desired key. When you open the program again, you will see that the keys have been saved.

Works On All Mouses

You do not need a macro mouse to use this macro program. Just open Alyel Spray and sit back and enjoy the game.


The mouse movements in our product are smooth and humanized. Other players watching you will never know that you are using macros.


Be happy winning strong with Alyel Spray.

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  • Undetected
  • Single Computer
  • Limited User Database (63/65)  
  • Works On All Mouses
  • 30 Day
  • Technical Support
  • Buy Now


  • Undetected
  • Single Computer
  • Limited User Database (63/65)  
  • Works On All Mouses
  • 365 Day
  • Technical Support
  • Buy Now

Happy Customers

The comments below are taken from some forums including Elitepvpers.

I used it for 2 hours on valorant and it is pretty good quality and nice. It is a very good feature that when I press the keys, it informs with sound which weapon is open in the background. Admin Vito knows this job! 10/10


it really works. It is very easy to control and use. i hope they add new weapons in advanced versions.


I didn't think this program would work that much at first, but after using it I found that it is a good quality and should be used by everyone. Admin answered quickly whatever I asked about on Discord. 10/10 no recoil patterns


Tested, works like he said. First 15 bullets are almost perfect. He's legit, can vouch very friendly guy :)


Vandal spray is so op, vouch++! Best valorant no recoil macros!