About Rainbow Six No Recoil Macro

Our Rainbow Six no recoil macro product designed for all players that gives you great privilege. Unlike other macro programs, you can easily control and change weapon macros. In Rainbow Six game, it's extremely difficult to control the recoil of weapons. We know! That's why we offer you the high-quality and affordable this Rainbow Six no recoil macro product.

Rainbow Six No Recoil Macro is a professionally coded script that controls your mouse while spraying. The some bullets going randomly in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege game. So this no recoil macro program will help you 80% for recoil control and you won't miss bullets. With extremely humane mouse movements to prevent the rebound of your bullets gives you a great advantage in battle arenas. Our Rainbow Six no recoil macro cannot be detected by any anti-cheat system because the macros do not enter the game and do not directly affect them, they only change the mouse movements. Also displays itself as a mouse driver, not as a program. Following all game updates, regular free no recoil macro updates are published. Our Rainbow Six no recoil macro product can work with all mouse and keyboard brands, no need to have a macro feature.

There are +200 macros and 1 setting file in this Rainbow Six no recoil macro program. You will gain a great advantage over your competitors with this no recoil program. You will focus on killing rather than performing acrobatics with your mouse by purchasing Rainbow Six no recoil macro program now.

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Featured Features

Smart Mode

It detects that you have a pistol or bomb in your hand and stops the macro. It is activated again when you receive a gun in your hand.


It works seamlessly with BattlEye anti cheat system. We have very high protection technology for you. Just sit back.

Audio Files

If the macro of the weapon is activated, the name of that weapon is read in the background. You can turn off the sound from the volume mixer.


You can assign the desired weapon macro to the desired key. When you open the program again, you will see that the keys have been saved.

Works On All Mouses

You do not need a macro mouse to use this macro program. Just open Rainbow Spray and sit back and enjoy the game.

Automatic Update

It checks for updates when you open the program. If a new update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.


Be happy winning strong with Rainbow Six No Recoil Macro.

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  • Works On All Mouses
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  • Single Computer
  • Works On All Mouses
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  • Single Computer
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Happy Customers

The comments below are taken from some forums including Elitepvpers.

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