About New World Fishing Bot

We made many macro programs as 88Software but we think this is one of the best. You can easily increase your level and money in the New World with this fishing bot. Also this fishing bot works using image processing technology. So it's not cheating program.

All you have to do is go to the seaside and start the fishing bot. The working principle is actually very simple. Certain symbols appear on your screen while fishing in the New World game. These give you the news that you are catching fish, pulling the fish, throwing the fishing line or waiting for the fish. Our fishing bot can learn which symbol is on your screen by using high image processing technology. It's decides which move to make according to it and fishes for you. Thus you can gain valuable fishes, fish meats, fish oils etc. You can earn gold very quickly by selling them in the market. You can convert them into real money by selling them on certain websites. And of course, as you will gain experience by fishing, you will level up very quickly in the game. We are sure this fishing bot will be of great use to you.

Currently it only supports 1920x1080 resolution but we will release an update to support all resolutions in the future. Get fishing bot, get rich!

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Featured Features

Smart Bot

Beep boop. This fishing bot is not useless like other shit stupid bots. No bugs. You can use it safely. Beep boop.


It works seamlessly with Easy Anti Cheat anti cheat system. We have high protection technology for you. Just sit back.

Audio Files

If the bot is activated or deactivated, bot will say this to you on background. You can turn off the sound from the volume mixer.

24/7 Fishing

This bot has many features. Automatic repair, anti afk kick system, random cast time, every bot action is slightly different.

Works On All Mouses

You do not need a macro mouse or keyboard to use this macro program. Just open Fishing bot and sit back and enjoy the game.

Automatic Update

It checks for updates when you open the program. If a new update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.


Be happy winning strong with New World Fishing Bot.

Buy now.


  • Undetected
  • Single Computer
  • Works On All Mouses
  • Works On All Keyboards
  • 30 Day
  • Technical Support
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  • Undetected
  • Single Computer
  • Works On All Mouses
  • Works On All Keyboards
  • 365 Day
  • Technical Support
  • Buy Now

Happy Customers

The comments below are taken from some forums including Elitepvpers.

24/7 fishing without afk kick nice job 88software


Working good. I can recommend it for 10$ / month


its simple fishing bot and i using it 3 month and i didn't get ban


tells you how many fish you caught with the new update. thanks 88software


88software is the master of this business. I use many programs by 88software and i very liked good this fishing bot