About Valorant Aimbot

A very good color based product that will give you an advantage in any software. Your mouse location will go to the purple/yellow/red color on the screen with this Valorant aimbot product. This way you will save time. That's why we offer this best product to you.

This product is a color based aimbot that records the color in the center of the screen and checks if the color in the center of the screen changes with certain timers. This product does not inject code into the any software/game and does not directly affect game files. It just takes screenshot of the screen and compares it for purple color. 88Software programs doesn't classify itself as a Valorant or game cheat software; it doesn't interact with the game, modify any game data. It doesn't read, receive, intercept or bypass any game data in any way either. This product is only sending mouse move inputs to computer. This product can be used for Photoshop, Paint, precision calculations for various game development and especially design and reasons, browser auto clicking and for what people use our software for just like gun fabricants are not liable for all murders committed with their guns. That is as long 88Software programs pixel based and doesn't read, receive, intercept, modify or bypass Valorant's or other game's data in any way possible. We don't copyright infringe either in any way, as we don't use images from Valorant or other games anywhere.

Our Valorant aimbot product can work with all brands of mouse and keyboards. The installation process is very easy after purchasing.

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Featured Features


This product does not inject code into the any software/game and does not directly affect game files. It just takes screenshot.

Fast Performance

We coded clean everything. Our program can be work on even patato computers without any problem. Just sit back.

Best in Field It

The best fast and editable mouse reaction on the market are at this product! You can try it right now and see it with your own eyes.


You can easily change the fov and speed value by using user interface. Also your settings will saved automatically when you exit program.

Industry Leading

We have made and continue to do many programs like this and similar. We have added many innovations to this sector. You can count on us.

Automatic Update

It checks for updates when you open the program. If a new update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.


Be happy winning strong with Valorant Aimbot.

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  • Single Computer
  • Works On All Mouses
  • 30 Day
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  • Single Computer
  • Works On All Mouses
  • 365 Day
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  • Single Computer
  • Works On All Mouses
  • Lifetime License
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Happy Customers

The comments below are taken from some forums including Elitepvpers.

I did try this valorant aimbot pixelbot program before officially release. It's very good and effective.


I'm a customer at 88software, i have tried some of their cs go no recoil macros and now their aimbot. First thing first, the support is some of the best i have ever received, quick replies and respectful and overall very good help. Aim mode: Works like it should. Overall score i would give 8/10 - this is still early days, and more stuff will be added in the future which I'm sure will greatly enhance the aimbot. Support: 10/10 flawless cant say i had any bad experiences.


+rep 88software has the fastest support i've ever experienced, they trully priorities their customers and would try to help out in any way possible. I had some issues with the Alyel Aimbot and Vito helped me out and fixed it. Definitely worth the money spent and the support that you will be given


+rep product is awesome and I can show anyone myself that its good and bypasses, there is aimbot and triggerbot features, dont need vouch copy anyone you can trust my words


i used their valorant no recoil script and now i used their pixel-bot. 88software is best.