Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most curious questions about our website and programs for you.


Let's explain a simple definition of what a macro is: A game macro is code or multiple lines of code that work with your mouse or keyboard to track a particular key or mouse movement at a given time. A game macro can move your mouse in a certain way at a specific time, and even press certain buttons. When playing video games it is correct to say that such scripts can be used for many useful things. If game macros are properly coded and used correctly, they can be a big advantage in most games. For example, developers of CS2 decided to add a specific pattern of spray for each weapon in the game. This means that if we want the AK-47 to hit in the target, we must draw a flawless pattern on the screen using our mouse. Reliable macros (which do not interfere with game codes and files) draw a copy of the AK-47 spray pattern on your screen while you hold down the left mouse button. Other normal players need to have a lot of training, good muscle memory, and a memory to keep the spray pattern of every weapon in mind to do it perfectly. No one can make good spray like a macro. Game cheats inject the codes into the game and attack the game files in order to work. Macros do not interfere with game codes and files. They just send a code string to your mouse or keyboard, that's all. When used correctly, today's anti-cheat systems cannot even identify those who use macros. As our team, we see macros as "help" that makes the game easier. But there are huge differences between macros and cheats. While the cheats cannot be detected for a maximum of 1 month, macros cannot be detected for life. This is a fact.

Pixel-bots (like our Valorant aimbot product A.K.A. Alyel Aimbot) typically work by analyzing the pixels on the player's screen and using image recognition technology to identify the location of enemy players. Once an enemy player is detected, the pixel-bot can automatically aim and shoot at them with incredible accuracy, often outperforming human players. Pixel-bots do not inject code into any software/game and do not directly affect game files. It just takes the screenshot of the screen and compares it for color. You won't be banned from games like Valorant with our products. Our Valorant aimbot and Valorant triggerbot products are undetected.

We can assure you that you won't find a more affordable, more feature-packed and better quality macro provider. We follow all game updates and keep our schedules up to date. We will help you with any problems quickly.


Our licenses are limited to only one computer. If you want to define your license on another computer, you need to reset the license for $1 from the user panel. You must do this every time you change your computer.

Yes, join to our Telegram channel now and send a message to any admin for more information. We supporting all hwid spoofers. You just need send message to admins for enable hwid spoofer support feature.

Yes we supporting. You can activate it in the settings of our programs.

We encrypt our codes to protect our programs from crackers. Some antivirus programs can give a virus stamp to our program when they cannot see our code. If you have such a problem, you should disable your antivirus program before opening our programs.

Our programs are compatible with all versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The term "multiplicator" might be used to describe a variable that scales or adjusts the recoil compensation provided by the macro. It could be a numeric value that, when multiplied by the default recoil compensation, increases or decreases the strength of the anti-recoil effect.


If you have added balance via credit/debit card and if the program does not work on your computer, you can return it in 6 hour after buy.

To purchase our programs, you must first add the balance to our website from the user panel. You can then easily purchase the program from the program's product page.


Yes, check the Become A Reseller page for more information.