About Zef Spray

In Rust, it's extremely difficult to control the recoil of weapons. We know! That's why we offer you the high-quality and affordable Zef Spray macro program.

By purchasing the Zef Spray Rust macro program now, you will focus on killing rather than performing acrobatics with your mouse. Make the best AK spray in the world, minimize your tabs with pistol mode or kill through enemies at close range with the MP5A4. We offer you exactly 6 different weapon macros. We will add more in future releases. In addition, the safety of our customers is very important to us. Facepunch and EAC don't like macros. For this purpose, as always, 88Software has secured Zef Spray a high degree of protection. Our codes are encrypted with a high quality cipher program, each time you open the program, the signature value changes, each bullet you spray 5 rounds go to different places, our macro programs do not interact with game files and codes, interact directly with your keyboard and mouse.

Zef Spray can work with all brands of mouse and keyboards, no need to have a macro feature. You can now purchase AK, LR-300, MP5A4, Thompson, Custom SMG and M249 macros at an affordable price. Dominate your opponents!

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Featured Features

Best in Field It

The best AK and other weapons on the market are at Zef Spray! You can try it right now and see it with your own eyes.


It works seamlessly with VAC and Easy Anti Cheat anti cheat systems. We have high protection technology for you.

Audio Files

If the macro of the weapon is activated, the name of that weapon is read in the background. You can turn off the sound from the volume mixer.


You can assign the desired weapon macro to the desired key. When you open the program again, you will see that the keys have been saved.

Works On All Mouses

You do not need a macro mouse to use this macro program. Just open Zef Spray and sit back and enjoy the game.

Automatic Update

It checks for updates when you open the program. If a new update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.


Be winning happy strong with Zef Spray.

Buy now.

Pink Edition$10

  • Automatic Update
  • Single Computer
  • Monthly License
  • Technical Support
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Private Version$20

  • Automatic Update
  • Single Computer
  • Limited User Database (11/15)
  • Monthly License
  • Technical Support
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