About Dodo Key

Looking for an advantage that will help you up league without using cheats or scripts? You're in the right place. Dodo Key is here for you. Enjoy easy victory.

Dodo Key is a macro program that functions the same as Logitech Gaming Software or any other hardware macro program, allowing you to press multiple keys with just one keystroke respectively. Dodo Key has nothing to interfere with game files or code. You can never get ban by Riot Games with Dodo Key. Because macros do not enter the game and do not directly affect them. No software can distinguish between the movement of your hand over the mouse and the macro movement. Dodo Key has been active since June 2019 and no one has been banned. In addition, Dodo Key can work with all keyboard brands, no macro features are required. Enjoy playing League of Legends with 100% risk free Turkish made macro program. Moreover, with the online save & load system, users will be able to share macros with each other very soon.

Dodo Key contains a special 88Software protection system and if it detects that you are using crack, it will delete itself from the computer. If you have any further information or questions, be sure to join our Discord server.

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Featured Features


Works seamlessly with all anti cheating systems including Riot Games. Nobody got banned and will not get banned.


You can use all the keys on your keyboard by assigning them to this program. Russian and French characters included.

Save & Load

You can save your macros for later use. If you want use again, you can easily load it. We offer you 5 save & load areas.

Reasonable Price

Very cheap, very affordable and very sexy. It is impossible to find such an effective combo program at such a price. Only $5.

Streamer Mode

This feature will be added soon. Hiding the interface will prevent your viewers from seeing that you are using macro.

Automatic Update

It checks for updates when you open the program. If a new update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.


Be winning happy strong with Dodo Key.

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