How did we start this road? How are we so good in this macro industry?

How did it all start?

The founder of 88Software, "Vito" was an ordinary person who attended high school in 2016 and played CS:GO. Unfortunately, he was a bad player while playing games and he couldn't spray properly. He did some research on the internet and found what is called a macro and read a lot of articles and figured out how it works and he decided to make his own macro program because he had already studied programming and had sufficient knowledge. After 1 month, he successfully completed the first macro program for CS:GO, called "Easy Spray". This macro program had 8 weapons and which was a first in the macro sector, whichever weapon was turned on, it made its sound in the background. He told some of his high school classmates while using this macro program and his friends wanted to use this program. He shared his program with his friends but he had a very good idea. The fact that his friends wanted to use his program made him think of selling it and sharing it with the world. Thus, the first steps of 88Software company were taken. In 2016, a website called "Easy Spray" was established and started to share its first program to the world.

What is our mission?

Our goal is to provide our users with truly the best, most reliable and cutting edge macro programs. We always actively use our macro programs like you. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us and we want to maintain a lifelong relationship with our users who meet us. We are always ready to make quality macros for popular games, newly released games and games our users want. We work hard for this and offer you the best quality macro programs. We will always be the best solution for you. We have brought many innovations to the macro sector. To give an example of these;

- When you press the macro key, the sound of weapon macro is hear in the background.
- Smooth mouse movements like real human.
- Smart mode for macros. When you take a pistol or bomb in your hand, the macros are turned off, when you switch to the main weapon, the macro is activated again. (Scum Spray)

And more. Yes, we are the first to do these since 2016. We will bring you more innovations and give another meaning to the macro.

When will we stop?

Never, ever and never! We hope to design macro programs with high technology and suitable for today's age with our lifelong users.